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What's the secret to Sexual Gratification? Sexy Sunday #7

If you want it you have to go and get it..

I like where the next generation is going where SEX is concerned. Their relationships need work but their sex lives are a lot more open and free than they were when I was in my twenties or even my thirties. These women aren't afraid to hook-up or have a one night stand. If they want to have SEX they find someone who can pleasure them and give them that mind blowing ORGASM with no strings attached. They get instant SEXUAL gratification. They even have a name for it Friends with benefits. I love that.

Sexy Sunday #8 Naughty Little Sex Shop.. 

This past Friday night my hubby and I decided to do something very exciting and a little kinky. We had done it once before along time ago and had a lot of fun with it so why not do it again.


The Sexy Challenge, Sexy Sunday # 5

I'm hoping that some if not all of you are starting to have more sex. And that you are talking to your partners about what it is you want and like.


Dirk and Kam's Place: Author Showcase - Annie Edmonds

Dirk and Kam's Place: Author Showcase - Annie Edmonds:   Please welcome,  Annie Edmonds ! 1. . For those who might not be familiar with you, would you be a dear and tell the reader’s a li... is my Sex w/Annie on WordPress. This is where all the kinky fun starts.  


So what is Sexy Sunday

Every Sunday on my Sex w/Annie, Let's talk about sex WordPress blog I write a post for couples who need a push in the right direction where their sex life is concerned.

This was the first posted on 2/9/14. Follow me as I do my best to help couples find their sexy side once again.

My Sex w/Annie blog is a place where couples can read my blog together and figure out how to put some spice back into their Bedrooms.

I may not have a PhD or a psychology degree, but what I do have most doctors will never have. And that's a thirty year marriage. Yes thirty years together with the one man who stole my heart and promised to make me laugh every single day. And yes he has kept that promise.

Through all the ups and downs I found a way to keep the spark lit where my sex life was concerned.

And I did it despite living with constant chronic pain.  I was in an auto accident twenty something years ago that has left my spine full of scar tissue, bulges and something called arachnoiditis.

But I'm a Jersey girl. And as I always say, where there's a will there is definitely a way. Follow my blogs as I post my Sexy Sunday each week.

Maybe you too can find your sexy side and start communicating with your spouse once again. Or you can start reading my Sexy Sunday post each week for some kinky ideas that just might get your juices flowing. It's worth a shot isn't it?

I try and re-blog to this blogspot but I have so much more information on my WordPress blog. Hope to see you there. Annie

The Time is Now! Sexy Sunday # 4

So I have been doing a lot of thinking about this fourth installment of Sexy Sunday all week. And today this is for the Ladies. But guys you too can learn a lot by listening to what I have to say. You might even be able to help your lady get started.

Spice it up! Sexy Sunday # 3

Here goes. I would love it if you could all take a trip to the adult toy store this week. Yup you heard me right. I know some of you are thinking this lady is out of her mind. My wife or husband is never going to step foot into one of those shops. Haha..

Orgasm Anyone? Sexy Sunday # 2

I have decided to do a Sexy Sunday post each week. If all goes according to plan it should be up no later than 4:00 pm each week. Not everyone likes to talk about sex so I'm trying to open up a dialogue where it's Ok to talk about sex with your spouse or significant other each week.

And who knows if all goes according to my plan more couples will be enjoying each other at least once a week. I can see it now Monday mornings there should be more smiling faces showing up for work all because of that sexual escapade you had the day before. Make sure you text or call your spouse tomorrow just to say you love them and that you enjoyed your Sexy Sunday.