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So what is Sexy Sunday

Every Sunday on my Sex w/Annie, Let's talk about sex WordPress blog I write a post for couples who need a push in the right direction where their sex life is concerned.

This was the first posted on 2/9/14. Follow me as I do my best to help couples find their sexy side once again.

My Sex w/Annie blog is a place where couples can read my blog together and figure out how to put some spice back into their Bedrooms.

I may not have a PhD or a psychology degree, but what I do have most doctors will never have. And that's a thirty year marriage. Yes thirty years together with the one man who stole my heart and promised to make me laugh every single day. And yes he has kept that promise.

Through all the ups and downs I found a way to keep the spark lit where my sex life was concerned.

And I did it despite living with constant chronic pain.  I was in an auto accident twenty something years ago that has left my spine full of scar tissue, bulges and something called arachnoiditis.

But I'm a Jersey girl. And as I always say, where there's a will there is definitely a way. Follow my blogs as I post my Sexy Sunday each week.

Maybe you too can find your sexy side and start communicating with your spouse once again. Or you can start reading my Sexy Sunday post each week for some kinky ideas that just might get your juices flowing. It's worth a shot isn't it?

I try and re-blog to this blogspot but I have so much more information on my WordPress blog. Hope to see you there. Annie

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