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Spice it up! Sexy Sunday # 3

Here goes. I would love it if you could all take a trip to the adult toy store this week. Yup you heard me right. I know some of you are thinking this lady is out of her mind. My wife or husband is never going to step foot into one of those shops. Haha..

I want you to start slow, and open your computer and go to Adam and Eve, There's coupons and everything your little heart desires in this online shop.

Now if you don't think your spouse can handle going into one of these places online I think you are underestimating your spouse. He/she wants to spice up your sex life too. And in order for you to get to the point where you will actually walk into one those amazing Adult Toy Stores this is the first step. You will get there. This is actually an amazing journey that will open up a whole new world for you and your significant other.

It was my amazing husband that started to buy me new toys. In fact this past Christmas eve my hubby handed me a few packages to open and he said "Now I don't know if this is what you actually wanted for Christmas but I have a feeling you're going to like what I got you." Sure enough when I opened that glass dildo and the brand new bullet I was thrilled. That tiny little vibrator packs a punch. And ladies you too can have one if you just go to that website and add it to your cart.

And You ladies out there don't need your husbands around for every orgasm. When was the last time you laid on the bed and propped the pillows up and just gave yourself an amazing mind blowing Holy Shit! here it comes Orgasm? I bet some of you have never given yourselves an orgasm. Well if that's the case the time is now. Order The magic wand. They don't call it magic because it does tricks. They call it magic because it does the one trick that magicians can't do. It rocks your world.

Now Adam and Eve is going to owe me for saying this but ,only get the Adam and Eve brand. It has the most powerful motor.  And once you have had the best you won't want the Hitachi, It's not as powerful. Why mess around when an Orgasm or two is what you're after. Yes ladies multiple Orgasms are possible.

Sex is changing people. Its not what it used to be. It's alright to get Kinky. And if you don't get yourself some new toys you are going to miss out on some amazing Sex.  Have fun with this, how about a blindfold, or a feathery tickler. I also want to make sure that I tell you, That it doesn't matter if you spouse is a man or a women. They just love to make their women cum. They get pleasure knowing that they helped bring your body to the peak of sexual excitement.

Let them get between your legs and lick your love button. If he/she is doing it right tell them. There is no feeling in the world like oral sex. And if their not doing it right, Help them. I have a post that is all about cunnilingus that I picked up from another blogger. Show it to them its even got graphic pictures.  Kind of like paint by numbers for adults. Where there is a will there is a way to get the kind of pleasure we all deserve.

Don't think you're going to hurt your spouses feelings by showing or telling them they need to do more research in the licking pussy department either. If your spouse wants to please you and get pleasure back you both have to tell each other the truth. Communication is always the key for both of you.

Now back to the big O. You absolutely know you're having the best orgasm in the world when you don't care who hears those sounds coming out of you. And all you do care about is making it last.  When your women says Fuck me you had better fuck her. She is not fooling around at that point. She wants everything you got and you had better give it to her.

There is no feeling that I have ever felt that is better than having an orgasm. Its the peak of sexual excitement. Its the one thing that men can not ever say in any way shape or form that they can do better. Ladies when we have that mind blowing OMG! Yes Fuck me harder orgasm its the one time we don't care about anything or anyone else.

We let go of every inhibition and our faces move in ways we never thought they could. We make sounds that our husbands or boyfriends/ girlfriends have never heard us make. And after its all over we are the calmest we will ever be.  The laughter that comes from us is pure. The tears that roll down our now blushing pink cheeks are real. There is not another feeling in the world like it.

Now that I have your undivided attention, I hope today is the day that you grab your lover by the hand and show him/her what you've been wanting and missing from your sex life. Our spouses are not  mind readers. And if you can't bring yourself to tell him/her what you want there is enough websites out there to show them what he or she needs to do to get you to that place of pleasure.

And guys/gals tell your women how much pleasure you actually get from seeing her have that kind of climax. Ladies it's Ok to laugh and giggle like a school girl when talking to your spouse about sex. My hubby loves that about me. I can write about it like its second nature. But when I have to look him in those amazing blue eyes of his and explain what I want or read to him what I have written, I giggle and blush, I can't help it.

There is nothing wrong with having fun while having sex. Its your sex life. So go get it..
Until next week I hope you all have a very pleasurable Sexy Sunday..


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