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Funny what we remember at Christmas time

I know the holidays are fun and festive and at the same time can be stressful with all the running around and the money being spent to make everyone happy. 
The holidays shouldn't only be about who gets the most expensive gift. 
They should be about family and friends getting together and catching up. 

And lets not forget that there are people out there that get sad or depressed around the holidays.... Make sure you give those people a call or stop by for a cup of coffee, you will never know just how much that phone call or visit will mean to that person. 

There was a time when I was kid and my mom didn't have much. I can tell you that its those times that I think about the most as she had three kids to take care of and not a lot of money for Christmas presents. 

Yet somehow she made sure we had the best possible Christmas.

The presents may not have cost a lot of money but they were from the heart. And my brother and I knew she did the very best she could. We had only one baby sister at the time and she never knew the difference. 

We had this one funny Christmas card that i think my brother found in the trash at the hallmark store, It wasn't in very good condition when he found it but it was just what we needed. It was a funny spoof about the night before Christmas. And we would laugh as someone would read that card aloud every year.

My mom would find all these little gifts to wrap, and it made it look like we had tons of presents. When I look back I feel so lucky to have gone through a few Christmas's like that. They have made me always remember that no matter how bad you think you have it there is always another family that has it way worse then you.

Make a tradition that doesn't cost anything this year and make sure you do that same thing next year and the year after. We read that Christmas card even after my mom got re-married to the best dad a family could have, and we got another baby sister too.  
And even after my brother went into the service. 

Then we had a flood in the basement and That card went out with the trash. But I will remember how it made each of feel and how laughter filled the room. 

Thank you Mom for always making sure we had everything we needed. 

Now go make some happy memories of your own.. 

Merry Christmas everyone..Annie..



  1. We used to make homemade cards at Christmas time, using construction paper, glitter and crayons, mostly. And we never bought wrapping paper because we always saved the Sunday comic section to use instead. We didn't buy a Christmas tree, but would put bulbs on our pineapple plants instead. Cutting off the top of a pineapple in January, we would root it in water and it would be ready for the next Christmas. One of the presents we got was picking ONE food out to add to the shared meal. Gifts were not about how MUCH you could spend, but how unique you could make it, from the heart.

    1. Thank you Nancy for commenting, sometimes I really do think I'm just writing to myself, Haha.. Yes we used the comics too, We did have tree but I get everything your saying. Those were tuff times but somehow we made it and when we look back at the love we had for each other and the true meaning of the holiday came through. Its something that I don't see with the kids in my family. I would never want them to have to go through tuff times but then I think it made me and my brother better people. My sister have no idea one was a baby and the other wasn't born yet. They are both wonderful but my brother and I have a bond that don't will never understand. I love hearing your story. Thanks again for reading my blog. . Annie


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