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Orgasm Anyone? Sexy Sunday # 2

I have decided to do a Sexy Sunday post each week. If all goes according to plan it should be up no later than 4:00 pm each week. Not everyone likes to talk about sex so I'm trying to open up a dialogue where it's Ok to talk about sex with your spouse or significant other each week.

And who knows if all goes according to my plan more couples will be enjoying each other at least once a week. I can see it now Monday mornings there should be more smiling faces showing up for work all because of that sexual escapade you had the day before. Make sure you text or call your spouse tomorrow just to say you love them and that you enjoyed your Sexy Sunday.

I bet You will both be thinking of that mind blowing Orgasm that left you both out of breath, laughing and wanting more. This is what I hope for and with your help I can get you there. Now you all know that I am not a doctor. I don't have my PHD in any kind of psychological sex therapy.

But what I do have is thirty years of great sex behind me to back up anything I might say or write. Yes I know Orgasms. Say it out loud, Orgasm. Just saying it gives me a tingle like nothing else. And it puts a smile on my face.

Now what I am hoping is that last week when I told you to go over to your hunny and get to it that you actually did. And if you didn't well this is the week that you too can start getting more sex. Come on it's the one thing that we have that makes us all happy and gives us relief that nothing else can. And it doesn't cost a thing. That's right Sex is free and if you play your cards right you might be getting more than once a week.

But for now once a week is fine. Open up those lines of communication. I know if you do you will find that you're not the only one thinking about those days when you couldn't keep your hands off each other. That doesn't have to stop just because you have been together for years. In fact it should mean that you have both at least thought of ways to spice up your bedroom time.

I know you just had Valentines day and for many of you that was the first time this year that you actually got a piece. What I am trying to do is make as many couples as I can have sex at least once a week. So if you didn't start last week today is the day. Don't you want to have a mind blowing grab the sheets and say Yes Fuck me kind of afternoon. Well you can.

Go back and read what I wrote last week and start from there. This week we are getting to the climax of our new Sunday ritual. The Orgasm. Yes say it again. haha.. Yea you're getting it. Orgasm. Sounds like fun right. Yes it can be. Today is your day to get your freak on.

I don't care that the Olympics are on or that you have a party to go to. Or that you have to get the kids something for school tomorrow. What I care about is that today is Sexy Sunday. And sometime today you and your significant other will be doing it. That's right some time between now and before you close your eye's tonight you will have had a mind blowing romp. One that will have you waking up tomorrow morning with a huge smile on your face.

How about while you're thinking about it. Yes right now. Go grab your spouse by the hand and tell them not to say a word. Now kiss them.. Yes you remember how to give her/him that slow lip action right. Go for it. Look into each others eyes. Can you do that? Yes you can.

If you haven't done it already, hand your sweetie the computer and have them read last weeks Sexy Sunday post. I believe it will at least peak their curiosity. Now have them read this weeks post. There, you are well on your way to a glorious week. One where you will actually be looking forward to at least Sunday Sex. And that doesn't mean you can only have sex on Sunday's.

Oh hell no! There is also Hump day, and Freaky Friday, and now back to Sexy Sunday. You will get there. Take it one week at a time. Ever heard of the term use it or lose it. Well if you don't start using it you will lose it. But if you take the ten minutes or so today to take your clothes off.  Jump in the shower and have your man/woman join you. I can tell you that losing it is something that you will not be thinking of ever again.

What have you really got to lose. A lot that's what. Don't you want that feel good, OMG! Orgasm today. And don't you think you both deserve it after the week you both have had. Turn down that Sunday gravy on the stove and let the kids play with their play station for an hour and go find each other again.

I hope when I post next week that you would have read last weeks Sexy Sunday.  And this weeks so that you are ready for what I have planned for next weeks. Now go! scoot. get out of here and get to it. Your wife, or your husband is waiting for that Orgasm.. haha.. Enjoy yourselves...

I hope you all have a very Sexy Sunday! And don't forget the Lube!!

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