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What now..

So what happens after your book is finally published? This is when the fun begins and the promotional part of being an indie starts.  No one's going to get your book out there for you. And the sad truth is; if you don't do the promotional stuff the book you worked so hard on will just sit there and you'll be lucky if you sell any books.

Doing the promotional stuff is a must, unless of course you didn't write your book so that others will read it.
" I wrote the book because love to write, and I if no one buys or reads it that's Ok."

What! Who am I kidding? Did those words just come out of my mouth?  Why write a book and publish it if no one's going to read it.
I should have just left it in my computer's documents if that's truly how I felt.  Why go through all the trouble of editing and re-editing, of worrying if it's good enough if I truly don't care if anyone reads it. Well I call bullshit on myself !

Of course I want my book to sell. And I want to share the story I worked so hard to create with as many readers as I possibly can.
So once I published it was up to me the independent author to get the word out there about my erotic romance novel. 

I started with Facebook; and then my husband started designing me a Go Daddy website at which point they told him if I wanted a blog he would have to go through WordPress.  But WordPress doesn't make building a blog easy.  So now I don't see the point but I did have my very own dot com for a year without a blog.  No one really needs to pay for a dot com anymore. Or at least I don't. Not with all the blogs and pages that I have.

I actually stumbled on BlogSpot one day while trying to post my book cover on my Google page, I was thrilled.BlogSpot  was so easy and I didn't need any help to get it up and running.

So now I have my website,  and then I don't. But I do have my Facebook author page, a Google page;  and a blog.  Then Smashwords has me do an interview; , and Amazon wants an author page  and of course we can't forget Goodreads.

Its actually funny that I have all these places that have a space just for me. And if someone has trouble finding Annie Edmonds the author then something is wrong with their searching techniques.

The one social network I never in a million years thought I would have is a Twitter account so I could tweet. Yup you guessed it, hahah, @aedmondsauthor . I caved and yes this old broad tweets and Retweets.

Now I don't know if I actually need all of these websites but if I am asked to provide my URL's I have them. I can tweet each day and be happy about that too.

I absolutely want readers to read my Erotic Novel; Second Chances Sammy's story, and anything else I decide to put out there. Like my two new WordPress blogs One is sexy, and one is not. Yes I found them all by myself.  It seems all that work my hubby did was there all along he just didn't know it. and

My heart and parts of my real life are in Sammy's story. Without the S&M and certainly without the millionaire. And my sexy blog puts it all out there for the world to see. I love helping others with relationships. And if talking about sex and sexy stuff helps someone than I'm happy to put it all out there.

So now I promote my first book while I try and write my second.  And at least I know when this book is finished, that I will have no problem posting it on every page that has my name on it.

I am a proud indie who writes erotic romance and I certainly have the URL's to prove it.

I read an article the other day that said; most authors will never finish or publish a novel, and that its only 1% of authors that can actually say they have done it. If you are a published author keep that chin up and be proud, you are in a very small percentage of creative people.

So now you know how you can find my debut novel.  All I am asking is that you read the sample which is at every distributor I can think of.. You have nothing to lose, and it might even give your relationship a kick start or spark.. wink, wink..

Amazon e-books, Use the one up top for my amazon author page, it brings you to the book if you just scroll down.

I can't understand why some URL's light up and some don't.

Also at Ibooks

@ barnes&noble,

@Kobo, .

Pretty much anywhere you can think of and if you can't find it let me know.. Enjoy the read, and don't forget to write an honest review about the book and its story.. Thanks for stopping by..a


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