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Smashwords: Amazon's Hachette Dispute Foreshadows What's Next ...

Smashwords: Amazon's Hachette Dispute Foreshadows What's Next ...: Amazon and Hachette Book Group are locked in an epic battle over the future of ebook publishing. The outcome of this dispute will have p...

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Does Your Sex Life Need Some Kink? Sexy Sunday # 15 
Are you and your partner tired of the same ole same ole sex positions? Are you stuck in a vanilla rut? Does your sex life need some kink? If you've been thinking about what's been missing from your sex life for awhile now then it's time to start talking to your spouse/partner.

Your sex life is yours to mess with. And as long as you and your spouse/partner are willing to change things up a bit then by all means go for it. Life is to damn short. 

How long can you keep doing the missionary position before you decide it's time for something new. Are you going to wait for five, ten or even thirty years. Vanilla can and does get boring. If your sex life is in need of something new why not get on the internet and see what gets your juices flowing. 

And guys please remember that your spouse is not a porn star. She needs you to start slow. Or you're going to scare her and she will never want to try something new again. Ever!

Ask your spouse if he or she is happy with your sex life. Then ask them if they would like to spice it up a notch or two. This is the kind of thing that brings couples together. It's exciting to start thinking about what you want to do to your wife/partner. Or what she wants you to do to her. Believe me if she's reading or read any kind of romance books she has thought about it. This is nothing new.  

She just has been afraid to bring it up. Which by the way blows my mind when I hear that couples don't talk about adding something new to their bedroom routines. Sex doesn't have to be and shouldn't be boring.

Boring sex would be like eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the next five years for dinner. It's gets old and quick. We all need variety. Haven't you heard that variety is the spice of life. 

Did you think they were talking about a cook out? Don't be afraid to try new things. What the worse that could happen, you don't like it.  And then it's on to the next kinky exciting thing. Just don't give up. Sooner or later you will both find something that floats you boat or gives you that tingle you've been waiting for.

The difference between normal sex and kinky sex or Vanilla is up to you. Ladies if you want to dress up and go to a swanky hotel, sit at the end of the bar and have your man pick you up then by all means do it. If this is what turns you on then what are you waiting for. But remember that when he takes you home it will still be the same ole same ole. 
So talk to your man tell him what's on your mind. And men if you want your woman to lay naked on the bed with her hands above her head waiting to be tied up than you have to let her know.

If you want your women to get to the point where she plays with herself in front of you then you have to start getting a little or lot kinky yourself. Go to the front of my page and click on the Goodvibes banner I have to the left. 

Then start adding things to your cart. There's even a section on how to or what to do. What have you got to lose except your relationship. Sooner or later neither one of you is going to be in the mood for each other. And if they aren't in the mood for you who will they be in the mood for.

A marriage or relationship needs to be revitalized every now and again. Other wise it's going to get stale. And who wants stale peanut butter and Jelly sandwich. Come on you have to agree that this post is making you think about what you can do or add to your sex life that will give it that spark.  

What is it that turns you on? Is it thinking about getting hot wax dripped on your chest or her nipples. Or is it seeing her newly shaved pussy with a dildo in it while you lick that clit till she's screaming for you to give it to her. And when she finally orgasms make sure you look at her. Because she is even more beautiful than she was before you started.
I'm getting wet just writing this stuff. I have no doubt my hubby is getting lucky when I'm done with this post.

How about some nipple clamps and a soft silky blind fold to start off with.  Add some bondage tape or under the bed restraints, your all set for an hour or two of hot Kinky sex with no vanilla in sight. Remember that you love each other. And when he takes that ridding crop out and smacks your ass that you can always tell him weather you like it or not. This is your sex life. So start acting like its yours.

If you want to have a long lasting relationship start by communicating what it is that you want. Don't expect your partner to read your mind. If you can't wait for that package to come from Goodvibes than by all means use your imagination and get started today. Send your spouse a text message to get her/him in the mood. "Sex tonight?" 

Might be a good start. But first let them read this blog or they might think you've lost your mind when you start tying her up with your neck tie.

And remember to keep it light. Laughter is a good thing. So is lube. As I always say don't forget the lube. 

I hope you have a very kinky Sexy Sunday..

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Fantasy land, Sexy Sunday # 16

I wondered what to write for this weeks Sexy Sunday post. And as I strolled through the pages of Cosmo, Hanky Panky, and Doctor Laura Berman I found there was a theme being written.
Fantasies are whats for Sexy Sunday. It seems everyone is talking about fantasies. What kind of fantasies you ask? Well that's up to the couple. But you can bet your sweet bippy that someone somewhere is fantasizing about their own sweet sexy fetish of choice and there are even more that stopped fantasizing that are now acting on those fantasies.


To Do List, Sexy Sunday # 14

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I was doing some research as I always do before I write my Sexy Sunday blogs and I came across a few articles on what else, SEX.  All of these articles were pretty much blaming women for their own dull and non existent sex lives. Is it because women put sex on the bottom of the to do list?.


A Beautiful Devotion

Sex w/Annie,

Orgasmic Evening, Sexy Sunday # 13

Remember when we all saw Meg Ryan fake an orgasm? The way she did it says to me that she must have had a real Orgasm at one time or another.

Touch me! Sexy Sunday # 11 is Sex w/Annie.

We all need human contact.  It's just nice to be touched. And sure we can touch ourselves and have fun doing it. But is that how we really want to have sex?

I know for me I want to be touched by my husband in ways that no one else can touch me. And touching goes both ways. I touch him and he touches me.

He knows every inch of my body, actually knows it better than I know it myself. I love that about him. And when he walks up behind me, moves my hair off my neck and bites that erogenous zone. Oh yes, I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Where's the Craziest Place You've Ever Had Sex, Sexy Sunday # 9 

Where is the craziest place you've had sex?  I'm not talking about the positions you can get your body into. I'm talking about that night you did it out in that grassy field. You know the place where anyone could have walked by and caught you.