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Orgasmic Evening, Sexy Sunday # 13

Remember when we all saw Meg Ryan fake an orgasm? The way she did it says to me that she must have had a real Orgasm at one time or another.

I will never understand why any woman would want to fake an all out mind blowing fuck me silly Orgasm. We absolutely need to spread the word to all women that faking orgasms is a big mistake.  I will never understand why women would fake it and not just tell their men/women that they needed to do better.

To look them in the eye's and say, "I need to cum, Sweetie you aren't hitting my buttons and I can't cum. I refuse to fake it. Let's figure this out together."

As I have said in every Sexy Sunday post it comes down to Communication. Of course it takes a strong woman to start the conversation and a smart man to listen to what she has to say. You don't want to be that woman that waits to say something.

Before you know it ten years pass and you're still faking it.And now when you get the courage to bring it up he has no idea what you're talking about. This could ruin a relationship.

He thinks he's been giving you amazing sex and you have been faking it. It makes no sense to keep doing this to yourselves when there is an answer and it can be fixed. Nip that shit in the bud right now.

And if you're a women that has never had a mind blowing suck me silly Orgasms don't you think it's about time you start talking about it. Teach each other what you want and you're both happy. Get on the internet and look it up. Or better yet ask your spouse for help. What you thought would tear you apart can actually bring you closer together. 

Research is a good thing for both of you. Learning new techniques. New positions can open up a whole new sex life for the both of you if you're just brave enough to talk about it.

Now if you're a woman that can't cum and won't talk about it. Maybe you just can't say the words. Or you're too embarrassed to admit it, try sending your hubby an e-mail.  "Ah hon,I am having trouble and I don't want you to laugh.  I want to have lots of mind blowing sex and lot's of orgasms. Will you help me?"

I guarantee he/she is going to get right on that.  Just be open and honest with each other. I guarantee your spouse is going to be sweet, loving and they will be happy you are talking about it.  And this will bring you both closer together. After an e-mail like that you're either going to get a phone call, or an e-mail back that says, Of course I will help you.

Let me tell you that you're not alone. Even I had a problem after my hysterectomy. I had to say something because I was miserable.  And it felt so good when my hubby told me we would find a way. Sure enough he looked it up and ran to the pharmacy and picked up some Zestra. I have talked about this stuff before. It comes in a little packet. And you put this slippery stuff on your clit.  That night I was back.

You have a spouse, a partner. To have a relationship that is strong you have to talk to each other. Do you think I could be married for almost thirty years if my husband couldn't get me off. Oh hell no that just wouldn't or couldn't work in my house. You see while I catch my breath after I've had my second or third grab the sheets pull my hair kind of Orgasm we talk about it. And by it I mean the almighty screaming till the neighbors can hear us Orgasm. Was it good for you and how can we make it better is not a bad thing.

Having or getting to the core of the most amazing feeling in the world to any woman means so much when we are relying on our spouse or partner to get you there. Of course as women we could always do it ourselves. And if you haven't it's time to start. Go online and get yourself a magic wand and a dildo. There is nothing to be ashamed of. If you looked into most women's nightstands you would find sex toys. It's time to join the club.

By a show of hands how many women out there can give yourselves an all out goosebumps on your legs, shake and moan till you want to scream orgasm in about three to five minutes. Yup that's what I thought.

There's only one problem, having that orgasm by ourselves can come with a price. Because just knowing that we can do it ourselves shouldn't mean you give your spouse a pass in the orgasm department and fake it. No Fucking way.  Ladies if your spouse is puffing out his chest thinking he's done good and he really hasn't what good is it. It doesn't help either of you or your relationship if one of you is faking it.

So here is the task for all of you ladies tonight. Grab your hubby, spouse, partner by the hand and tell them you're going to teach them a thing or two tonight. Don't you want your sexy Sunday to have an orgasmic evening. I bet you're thinking what on earth is Annie talking about when she says Orgasmic evening? 
Well I know some of you know exactly what I'm talking about. But for those of you who don't I'm going to tell what an orgasmic evening is.

It's when your partner gets between your legs and licks and sucks on your love button until you just can't take it anymore. Then he puts his hard cock into your love tunnel and pounds you while you either let him touch your clit or you grab that magic wand and hold it there yourself. And once that toe curling magical orgasm happens you have that certain after glow about you. You feel lighter, and happier nothing could bother you for the rest of the night.

And now after you've just had that amazing orgasm or two maybe you're on the computer or reading my erotic romance and he's watching the hockey game.  You both look over at each other at the same time.  You smile cause you can't help but think about that climax. And you shiver as he looks at you. It's in his eyes and the way that he has that sexy half smirk that you can see a very proud and very satisfied man.  That satisfaction isn't because he came. It's because he made you cum and it wasn't at all a when Harry Met Sally moment.
I hope you have a very Sexy Sunday and don't forget the lube.. or get it on, for vaginal use only it's the best.   is that one stop shopping lube., 

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