SEX w/ Annie, Let's Talk about Sex!


Are you having SEX yet?

I have two blogs. And getting them to co-mingle just seems impossible. So I am going to write this post and hope that some of you might be able to follow me and read my Sexy Sunday post each week.

There has to be a way to get what I post at one blog to post at another. This way I won't have to write a post to let the readers know that there is an amazing dance going on between me and my followers on WordPress.

You see I am trying to get more couples to have way more sex than they have been. Yes you read that right. And if I can do this there will be happier people coming into work on Monday mornings.

My Sexy Sunday post gets posted every Sunday. And  Its time for some sex, don't you think?.
Yes I am trying to start a revolution of sorts where couples are not only talking about sex. But their actually having sex at least once a week.

Sexy Sunday lets the readers know how to approach their spouse and get them in the mood. You see I believe that if more couples would have more sex this world would be a much better place.

I know we all do it. But when I have talked to couples most of them aren't getting down to it. They're maybe getting it three times a year. Their birthday, New Years eve, And Valentines day. And most are just saying they are getting it on those days.

So how can I help? Well I don't have a PHD, and I'm not a psychologist. What I am is a woman on a mission. And even though I live with Chronic pain every day. I make sure that my husband who is also my Sir and I have a happy and healthy sex life.

We truly are still happy and in love after thirty years of marriage. And I can bet your psychologist with that PhD can't say that.

It's use it or lose it time people.  And most of you are losing it. So what can I do you ask?  For starters you and your spouse or significant other can start talking about sex. Or try reading excerpts from erotic romance novels together.

I have women writing me saying they did what I asked. They started reading scenes from my erotic romance novel to their husbands and partners and low and behold it got their sexy juices flowing.
They are now having sex on a regular basis. The mind can be a very sexy tool.

That's just one way to do it. If you put the sexy back into your brain you will both start to want it more.  You know how to do the deed. Its like riding a bike you never forget. But maybe you're a little creaky, or rusty. And you need your wheels oiled so to speak. If you start thinking about that mind blowing sex you used to have your body will naturally oil itself.
My Sexy Sunday post at now at forty one. Yes I've written forty one Sexy Sunday post on, .

There is a link on this page just in case this one doesn't get you there.  Go and get caught up so that  you too can join in the revolution.

You can find my erotic romance novel, Second Chances Sammy's story at Amazon, ibooks, Barnes&noble, smashwords, Kobo, there is a link on this blog, just click on it..


  1. Thanks! But what do I do on the Sundays my husband is out of town?
    (insert appropriate emoticon here)

    1. That my dear is what a magic wand is for, lol.. We don't need a man to get pleasure. We just need to let go of our inhibitions. Have fun and get yourself a magic wand. Best investment you will ever make..

  2. That would be too much information

    1. It's never TMI when the blog is about Sex Coleman.. How else am I going to know what's happening with my revolution if the readers can't ask intimate questions, silly for commenting. Any other questions?


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