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What's the secret to Sexual Gratification? Sexy Sunday #7

If you want it you have to go and get it..

I like where the next generation is going where SEX is concerned. Their relationships need work but their sex lives are a lot more open and free than they were when I was in my twenties or even my thirties. These women aren't afraid to hook-up or have a one night stand. If they want to have SEX they find someone who can pleasure them and give them that mind blowing ORGASM with no strings attached. They get instant SEXUAL gratification. They even have a name for it Friends with benefits. I love that.

There's nothing wrong with being open and honest about your sex life. The next generation of women have no problem talking about the VIBRATOR they purchased online. Or how they walked into that adult toy store over the weekend. But Their relationships are a mess. I mean don't get me wrong the sex has to be amazing when it's that spontaneous, open and hot. But when there's no one to cuddle up to or laugh with afterwards how can that be a good thing. A text message is just not the same as looking into a person's eye's and sayin hey that was fucking fantastic.

Now I'm all for a QUICKIE every now and again. But I also like it when my husband walks up behind me and grabs my ass and nuzzles my neck then takes me by the hand to the bedroom. Sure Getting instant gratification in some clubs bathroom sounds fun if you're going home with that person. But with a stranger that you're never going to see again I don't know. And if you do see this guy/gal again does that mean you have to do them again in the next clubs bathroom? What kind of friend with benefits is that? It's a Wham Bamm Thank You Mam or Man society we live in now.

So how do the men stack up in this new world of instant SEXUAL GRATIFICATION? Well one thing is for sure they don't have to work so hard to get laid. This is only my opinion but I think its about the chase isn't it? Men should have to work for something that's that special. Both sexes in this next generation want everything now. It's what they know. Remember everything they do is instant. Between the computers, video games, e-mails and text. No one has to wait for anything. So I guess why wait for SEX.

What I want to know is how is the next generation going to have lasting relationships if they can't talk face to face with another human being. That's going to be something we're going to have to wait and see for ourselves. No one even has to remember a phone number anymore. 

When I met Mike it was New Year's Eve. Before I left his car that early morning, Yes it was early that morning. I took out my lipstick, opened up his glove compartment and wrote my phone number on the envelope to his cars registration. Pretty smart ha.. He called me later that day and we went to a movie. Now a days they grab the mans cell phone and punch their number in. There is no more, I lost your number and was hoping to bump into you. And if they don't call what happens then?

It's going to be something to find out where these women go in life. Will they be the highest paid CEO's? Will the women get the equality in the board rooms that we have been fighting for for generations? I think they will. And that's because the men who are in the same age bracket would much rather give in then fight with these women. I can't wait to see what happens in politics.

We older women could learn a lot from the next generation of women. They aren't wall flowers. They see what they want and they go get it. And that includes SEX and an ORGASMs two. Have you read Cosmopolitan magazine lately? It's all changed, the men are the one's with the most insecurities. Should I sleep over? Should I cuddle for twenty minutes and then leave? If I go down on her will she do me? What do I look like on top? What I want to know is what's happening to this generation of Men.

Are there really any good strong males out there anymore or have the women eaten them up and spit them out. Are women these days too aggressive? No women are aggressive only when they have to be. And there are still plenty of strong men out there that exude confidence and DOMINANCE. But they know how to give in order to get what they want. So it's kind of like BDSM, it's the SUBMISSIVE that's really in charge, And I like it.

So I was watching a show on called Gigolo's last night and can I just say that if anything happens to Mike I will be going to Vegas once a year to get my freak on. The rest of the year it will be me and my Magic Wand. So back to the Gigolo's. Why are these women looking for an escort? The same reason guys have been looking for an escort since the beginning of time. Women want what they can't get at home. Just like men want what they can't get at home. So why not just give each other what it is you both want and no one has to look for an escort.

Ladies Men want to hear about your FANTASIES. And if you can't tell them face to face find another way. Lets say you want your man to be better at ORAL. And lets say he wants ANAL. Why not get some Porn that shows how it's done. Go to u-tube and watch Nina Heartly Cause if its done right you're both going to be happy.

Guys when she says it's disgusting or it's going to hurt you have to be ready with an answer. How about lets take shower together and get nice and clean. Try shaving each other. That right there can be very intimate and may I add FUN. Guys you have to be willing to do your homework before you ask for that one thing you've always wanted. So that when she says it's going to hurt you say, We will take it SLOW, and I have lots of LUBE. Ubers of it, lol..

Yes I am back to LUBE again. This week I received lube from Pure Romance. Ladies Pure Romance has a whipped lube that taste like VANILLA cupcakes. And it can be used on both of you and your toys. So if you don't like going down on him or he doesn't like going down on you because it smells musky or to perfumie. Is that even a word? You can get out the whipped vanilla cupcake lube and both of you can have an amazing fun ORAL experience. Don't forget to laugh about it. The next time your spouse says I could really go for a vanilla cupcake you will both laugh and more than likely get your sexual life back on track.

Guys Make sure you don't use silicone based LUBE on your women for anal. The reason I say this is it could burn and you will never get that chance again. Use water based for that specific kind of sex. Use something like the silicone Uberlube for regular sex. That Uberlube is super slippery stuff. LUBE makes the SEX that much better for you both.

I keep telling you where there is a will there is a way. Hasn't it always been about the give and take? That's what a RELATIONSHIP is, Give and take. You have to give in order to get. And if you both do your Homework it can be so much fun for both of you. If it's KINKY he wants get on the internet and look it up. If its romance and she wants you to get better at licking her pussy than by all means get on the internet and look it up. Guys I also have posted a blog on CUNNILINGUS, so look it up. You just might learn a thing or two.

Here's another thing, If you guys are going to watch PORN please don't expect your women to be a porn star. For one thing these porn stars are getting paid for what they are doing on camera. And as soon as the director yells Cut they are out of there. It's FICTION. Your wife or spouse isn't a PORN star. She's a women who wants to be held she wants romance. She doesn't want cum on her face or in her hair. That money shot if for the porn stars wallet. So again it comes down to COMMUNICATION. It's always been about communication. Talk to your spouse. Get creative where your SEX life is concerned.

Ladies if you just don't feel like it get some of that lube that tingles. Go on Pure and see what you can buy to get in the mood. Imagine your husband or spouses surprise when he comes home and finds you in slinky lingerie with some new toy. Just the fact that you put this fun filled hour or two into motion is going to excite him. Tell him to go into the shower and get cleaned up and that you will be waiting when he's done. Try a massage with some message oils. It's only going to take one of you to open that door and your SEX LIFE can be off and running like it once was.

 I hope you have a very Sexy Sunday. And don't forget the lube! 

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