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I've got all kinds of sexy delights for you all to read, just not here. So If you want to know how to keep your sex life in check you'll have to go to Sex w/Annie on WordPress.


Sometimes It's Not Sexy At All, Sexy Sunday # 21

I usually have my Sexy Sunday post written no later than Friday. But Life has a way of kicking our ass's when we least expect it. And not every Sexy Sunday is actually sexy. I have been under major stress lately. And for a woman who lives with chronic pain stress can make my pain levels go through the roof.


Scratch that Itch is Sexy Sunday #19

When was the last time you really had that itch scratched to the point of satisfaction?  And I'm not talking about scratching it yourself. I'm talking about a real down and dirty scratching. The kind of scratching where you can't help but lye there with your legs spread cause it just feels so F-in good.
We all need to have our itches scratched from time to time. And in order to get that kind of ecstasy you will need some sort of communication. That being said, Have you talked to your spouse/partner about how boring and monotonous your sex life has become?


Power of the Pussy, Sexy Sunday #10

While having a conversation with my hubby today he mentioned something that made a lot of sense. The power of the pussy. Yes you heard me right. You see most women don't even realize just how much power that little pink thing between their legs has.

And I believe if we did we could rule the world. You see most men love Pussy. And if you think about it women really do have the power. The power to get what we want. The power to make men do stupid things. In fact men will bend over backwards just to get to our powerful Pussy's.


Vacation Sex, Sexy Sunday #12

While on vacation this week in the sunshine state (which is more like fantasy island to a girl from Jersey), we realized staying with friends is great.  Unless you're the type of couple that is used to having sex more than once a week and when ever the mood strikes. So we had to get creative.

While driving home from the beach one afternoon I see this adult store next to this high end Fu-Fu, she-she boutique in a strip mall around the corner.  I make my hubby pull in. Well they didn't have much of a selection but I didn't need much. I ask the woman behind the counter where the bullets were. And She directs me to the wall display of about five. I ask her which one gives the best punch, the highest vibes. She hands me one and I realize there is no way I'm buying this vibrator unless I can feel how powerful it is.


Stimulate Her is Sexy Sunday # 18

We all know that if the wind blows a certain way or no way at all most men can be ready for sex at moments notice.   But that's not true for women.  Women are different when it comes to getting ready for some sexual pleasure. So listen up guys. Women need the dance, and by dance I mean the flirting, the foreplay.

Have you ever seen a male peacock or any bird for that matter do the mating dance for that chance to have sex with a female. It's really fun to watch but women know that men or most men aren't going to do that type of dance. Flirting with your lady is a kind of mating dance. And of course the reward for that little bit of effort is huge.So guys start brushing up on your flirting. Read about it. Get some new pick up lines. Yes I said pick up lines. Because even though you may have her she still wants you to woo her. 


Express Yourself Is Sexy Sunday # 20

I made it to Sexy Sunday #20. And this week I want to say EXPRESS YOURSELF! If you're not having mind blowing sex with your partner by now then you have no one to blame but yourself.
Think about it. If you're having better sex alone then with your partner, It's Time To Start COMMUNICATING!
  • Tell your partner what it is that you want, and how you're both going to get there. That should get your partners attention.
  • Even If you have to Stop in the middle of that boring stuff you're now calling sex and say; Hey! what the fuck are we doing?  This is NOT the kind of sex I've been reading about in Cosmo or on Sex w/Annie's blog then that's Ok.
  • At least you're talking. But make sure that he or she knows that it's up to both of you to get your sex life back on the OMG Express.

Come Here, By Tyler Knott Gregson.  I love finding love letters with a hint of kink. This one fits the bill perfectly.


Eleven Rules For Dating is Sexy Sunday # 22

I've gotten quite a few e-mails from both men and women who are reading my *SexySunday* post each week.  And they want to know what I think about dating? 

Well I think that there are so many lonely people out there.  They've either broken up with their spouse or have gotten a divorce.  So what are they supposed to do on a *SexySunday?*  How are they supposed to have a *SexySunday* when there's no one to share it with?

We are all in this sexy world together. And starting over is no joke.
So of course I did some research and this is what I found.
It's not as easy as it used to be when trying to find that special someone to go out with.