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Sometimes It's Not Sexy At All, Sexy Sunday # 21

I usually have my Sexy Sunday post written no later than Friday. But Life has a way of kicking our ass's when we least expect it. And not every Sexy Sunday is actually sexy. I have been under major stress lately. And for a woman who lives with chronic pain stress can make my pain levels go through the roof.

So I know you're asking what the hell does this have to do with Sexy Sunday? Ok I'm getting to that. What I'm trying to say is sometimes just being with the one you love is all you need for a Sexy Sunday.  Yea I know where's the cunnilingus and the orgasms this week Annie?

Well when your mom is about to have her first round of radiation on the 4th anniversary of your dad's passing Sex is the last thing on your mind. Ok not the last thing but it's not top priority.

Sure I had sex this week and I absolutely had multiple orgasms. But as the week got closer to the start date for mom's radiation my mind just shut down to everything sexy.
Yes life has a way of putting a damper on our sex lives.  And when these things happen it's more about just being together than the sex.

Four weeks ago my mom fell and fractured four ribs. We had no idea that day would change our lives forever.  I do believe my dad pushed her. But that's just me.  While they were doing the x-rays in the emergency room they found a spot on the lower lobe of her lung.  Cancer, Yes it is The C-word that none of us could say until all the test came back two weeks later.

Now this came as a total shock to all of us because my mom had a liver transplant fifteen years ago. The drugs that were supposed to protect her life are the same drugs that have fed the Cancer. Yes anti-rejection drugs give Cancer a free pass to invade the body and go where ever the hell it feels like. Anti-rejection drugs of any kind don't let your body fight off the bad stuff. So instead of Mom having stage one it traveled to her spine and is now stage four.

I know this isn't the Sexy Sunday post that you're all used to.  I apologize for that. There is absolutely nothing sexy about Cancer. Nor does it make you want to think about or feel sexy in any way. But today as I started to write this Sexy Sunday post my Mom is getting ready for her first radiation treatment tomorrow.  The Chemo is coming in the next few weeks but not till she is off the anti-rejection drugs completely. 

I do thank the angels that Mom had the where with all to start taking herself off of these horrible drugs five years ago. Or this Cancer would have taken over her body a lot sooner. She is down to 2 mg per day. Once she's off that's when the real fun begins, Chemo.

I just want you all to hold your loved ones today. Yes go ahead give them a hug. Steal a kiss. Tell them that you love them. And make some plans for the future. Don't just sit around saying I wish we could do this or that. Start doing them. Make shit happen now. And if your sex life is in the toilet its time to flush those old ways of thinking and start getting what you both want out of life. And that includes your Sex life.

Tell your spouse how beautiful they look today and everyday from here on out. Believe me even with puffy eyes and mood swings that go every which way these days my hubby has been amazing.

I really do feel bad about not writing what I usually write. Next week I will do my best to bring you something a lot more hot and sexy. This week I just had to let you all know what's going on..and if that makes you get a little closer to your loved ones and or spouse then what I've written this week will be worth it.

Hey I have an idea, how about today you all start reading my erotic romance, Lol.. That aut to make up for my sexy Sunday post..There's a lot of hot kinky sex in that book of mine with added suspense and drama,lol..
All kidding aside, I really do hope you all have a Sexy Sunday..

Oh and don't forget the lube.. 

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