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Stimulate Her is Sexy Sunday # 18

We all know that if the wind blows a certain way or no way at all most men can be ready for sex at moments notice.   But that's not true for women.  Women are different when it comes to getting ready for some sexual pleasure. So listen up guys. Women need the dance, and by dance I mean the flirting, the foreplay.

Have you ever seen a male peacock or any bird for that matter do the mating dance for that chance to have sex with a female. It's really fun to watch but women know that men or most men aren't going to do that type of dance. Flirting with your lady is a kind of mating dance. And of course the reward for that little bit of effort is huge.So guys start brushing up on your flirting. Read about it. Get some new pick up lines. Yes I said pick up lines. Because even though you may have her she still wants you to woo her. 

Remember when you were first dating?  You pulled out all the stops. You let nothing get in your way.  You wanted and needed her. She let you chase her because it was fun, and sexy. The sex was frequent and amazing. Well just because your an old married couple now doesn't mean you should stop chasing her. And it sure as shit doesn't mean the amazing, Omg I want more, fuck me harder sex has to stop either. You just have to change your game up a bit.

Flirting is a way you can do that. And you're never to old to flirt with your woman.  If she grabs your hand while you're walking make sure you don't let go. Or it could be as simple as that sexy phone call during your lunch hour. Or maybe she dropped a love note in your lunch bag.  Maybe its the text you send her asking what She's wearing.  Of course your spouse should always say that they're wearing nothing at all. They want you to be thinking about their naked bodies as much as possible.

And when you walk through the door and say, "Hello Beautiful" and you kiss your spouse after a long hard day all that flirting you did can be the difference in making your sex life passionate or non existent. If you've been doing the dance all day She's going to be as ready as you are.  Or if the flirting was good enough you can take her right to the bedroom or give her a quickie right there in the kitchen. Either way that flirting, or foreplay through out the day just paid off. You're both happy and your sex life is on track.

Each day you can do a new dance and why not start today. Walk up to your spouse and while your body is up close and personal lightly pinch her nipples and whisper in her ear that you Love her?  Or brush your hand every so lightly through her crotch then watch as she blushes and giggles like a school girl?
We all know that life isn't always so easy. And we all have shit that gets in the way.  Guys you have to be patient with your woman. And if you can be that patient man, one that talks to his spouse and listens, she will reward you with more love and more sex than you could ever have imagined.  It's just not that difficult to have a lasting, loving relationship.

Another thing that a lot of men don't realize is that women need them to take it slow. We aren't porn stars that seem to get wet on command.   Taking it slow and doing the dance is how to get our juices flowing.  All Women need stimulation of the mind and body, some need it more than others. Stimulating our minds and bodies makes a natural lube. But sometimes our hormones are off and we need a little help. In that case try using actual lube from the bottle.  Don't make a big deal about it either. Just use it. It really makes a difference.

Women also need to hear how and why we turn you on. And what it is that you love about us? Compliment your woman and you'll see a spark light up in her eyes. And it'll put some spice back in your bedroom.

Also using humor when you tell your woman why she turns you on can be a great ice breaker. So make her laugh.  It's the best way to put any woman at ease and in a better mood.

We all know that men are visual beings but most women aren't comfortable with their bodies.  And where sex is concerned making her feel comfortable will give you both the pleasure you are looking for.  Put some music on.  Light some Candles.  By doing these two things it shows you care. Remember this is all part of the dance, it's foreplay. Once she feels comfortable in her own skin it's the sky's the limit boys.
Try adding a blindfold to your adult toy chest. A blindfold gives a women the freedom she needs to let go of her inhibitions.

Try asking her what's the one thing you could do to make her feel sexier.  If she can open up then the next time the mood strikes you'll both be ready. Remember that Communication is always the key to a better relationship and a much better sex life. One tip is for you to breathe her scent in and tell her how much you love it. It may not seem important to you but to a woman it's a turn on.

One you've got the mood all set slowly start kissing her from her lips to her toes and everywhere in between. Make sure you concentrate on the in between. I don't think I have to spell it out for you. If I do then go to the front page of my blog and look for categories on the left. Cunnilingus is there, click on it. That aut to do the trick. There's even pictures to help you find your way around her love knot.

There really should be a class on licking pussy, Cunnilingus 101. And men should have to wear their grade around their neck. Maybe then all men would take pussy seriously. If you can learn to make love to her pussy she will give you more in the bedroom than you ever thought possible. So take her pussy seriously.

Foreplay is all about Stimulation, and stimulation means using all the senses.  Sexual pleasure is everyone's' birthright. And sexual pleasure should include Fondling, touching, kissing, massaging, teasing talking, sight, scent, touch, and taste and compliments. All these things play a part in foreplay.
What ever dance you do this week I hope it leads up to a Sexy Sunday..

I know I'm a little off this week. But I've got some things on my mind.  And I didn't want to leave you guys without a Sexy Sunday post. So do me a huge favor and take your spouse in your arms and kiss her/him. Tell them that you love them more than anyone and anything in the world. And the next time you see or talk to your family tell them that you love them too.

And absofuckinglutely have a Sexy Sunday..

And don't forget the lube..

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