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Scratch that Itch is Sexy Sunday #19

When was the last time you really had that itch scratched to the point of satisfaction?  And I'm not talking about scratching it yourself. I'm talking about a real down and dirty scratching. The kind of scratching where you can't help but lye there with your legs spread cause it just feels so F-in good.
We all need to have our itches scratched from time to time. And in order to get that kind of ecstasy you will need some sort of communication. That being said, Have you talked to your spouse/partner about how boring and monotonous your sex life has become?

If not then you have no one to blame but yourself. Our partners aren't mind readers. They have no idea that the missionary position isn't doing it for you. Or that the doggy style that used to turn you on went out of style years ago.  Your partner doesn't know that you're ready for something new.

So how are you going to fix this predicament that you've gotten yourself into? Yes you did this to yourself. And I say this only because I've been there. But didn't stay there for very long. You see my husband and I talk about sex. And he's usually on top of these kinds of things before I am. He's a very smart and patient man. He never pushes me. Well maybe a little nudge now and then. But he's subtle.

He might start adding a new toy or do something that makes me open up and say lets try something different.  That's when he gets that smirk on his handsome face. The smirk that says he had this planned and it worked. And oh how I love that smirk.

This is when he knows it's Ok to add something new and exciting to our sex life. What I'm saying is guys/gals you need to be one step ahead of your partner where your sex life is concerned. Because there's no doubt that sooner or later if you keep doing the same thing over and over again it's going to get boring.

So if you've been reading my Sexy Sunday post for the last eighteen weeks you know that I always stress communication. And the one thing that's for sure is that one of you is usually in charge of doing some research where your sex life is concerned.

Maybe you always thought that kinky was out of the question. Or that you would never pleasure yourself in front of your partner. Well it's time for kinky and pleasure. You are two consenting adults. What you do in your bedroom is no ones business but your own.
How about adding a little kinky to your pleasure chest of adult toys. I'm not talking about whips and  chains kinky. Kinky can be anything outside the proverbial missionary position. I bet you didn't know that.

Maybe your partner already has some nipple clamps and a vibrating butt plug that he/she's been waiting to use you on you. Lube, Lube, Lube, just sayin. If your partner is anything like my man he's always one step ahead of me and has a few sexy things up his sleeve. Maybe your partner has just been waiting for you to ask for something new, exciting and kinky to be added to your passionate playtime.

It's time to let go of your inhibitions.  And once you do you'll find that there's a whole new world of sexual desire that's been waiting for you. The orgasms will even get better and more frequent. And who isn't raising their hand for that kind of pleasure.

Life is short. So why not play a game of sexy truth or dare and open up your mind to what could be instead of wondering why it's not.
If you can't bring yourself to talk about what it is you want then write it down. Your partner is going to listen. They are in this relationship with you. And so they know when your sex life has gotten monotonous too.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain if you just open up and start communicating.  If by chance you do try something new and you find that it's just not working or you just don't like. Well that's the beauty of your sex life. It's yours and so you try something else. Not every idea is going to be a good one. That's where laughter comes into play. Don't take sex so seriously. It's supposed to be fun.

There's a world of sexy desires out there just waiting for you to open up your mind and find them. These are the kinds of things that bring couples closer together. And it usually starts with a little awkward conversation. Once you open up it's the sky's the limit.  And remember that itch I talked about? Well its going to get scratched on regular basis from here on out.

I hope you have a very Sexy Sunday..

And don't forget the Lube!..

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