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I've been trying to import all the post I've written from my Sex w/Annie WordPress blog to my blogspot. But for some odd known reason it's not working.

I've got all kinds of sexy delights for you all to read, just not here. So If you want to know how to keep your sex life in check you'll have to go to Sex w/Annie on WordPress.

It's where each week I post a Sexy Sunday blog. And each week I get more and more bold with my post. For instance I wrote about being submissive; I'm submissive Sexy Sunday # 25. I did this because I am submissive in the bedroom. And yes, I do call my husband Sir when we are in D/s mode. But you'll have to go to my WordPress blog to see the rest.

There's also serious sex Sexy Sunday # 27, and Package this SS #28. Or how about re-inventing your sex life, SS # 26.

All this and so much more as I search the web for articles, blogs and anything that might spark a   couples interest and get them in the mood for Sex.

In my first twenty Sexy Sunday post I made sure to drive home that communication, trust, respect and of course Sex are the main things that a relationship has to have in order to survive. Without just one of these elements the relationship falls apart.

Now of course there are the couples that for medical reasons just can't have sex. For these couples I stress how it's important to get creative. You don't have to have intercourse to spice up your sex life. You just have to be open to making sure that your spouses needs are met. So I might suggest watching porn together.

I know most women don't want to see porn. But I've got to tell you that porn has changed. And there's even porn out there made especially for women. It's usually produced and directed by a female. So look for these types of films when you surprise your spouse. You might just surprise yourself too.

I also suggest that you start fresh where your adult toys are concerned. Those toys you bought back in the eighties and nineties at a fuckaware party are now outdated. Shopping for adult toys online can and will add spice to your relationship. Soon you'll be surprising each other with discreet packages that come right to your front door. Or you can be daring and make a date night out of shopping in a real adult toy store.

Either way it's a way to see what's on your spouses mind. To see if they are ready to add something new or even kinky to your toy chest. Imagine your spouse with a blindfold over her eyes. or maybe a magic wand to start. The adult toy stores today are fun places to explore. Who knows you might see something that together you'll both want to try. Like maybe some vibrating panties complete with a remote control. Oh and don't forget the lube.

These are just some of the subjects I talk about on my Sex w/Annie WordPress blog. I promise to keep trying to export these sexually fun pages to Blogspot. But in the mean time you can come and join the other three thousand and counting followers I have at .

I hope to see you there. Annie ;-)


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