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To Do List, Sexy Sunday # 14

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I was doing some research as I always do before I write my Sexy Sunday blogs and I came across a few articles on what else, SEX.  All of these articles were pretty much blaming women for their own dull and non existent sex lives. Is it because women put sex on the bottom of the to do list?.

Maybe it's the men in the relationships. Maybe the men have become complacent and just want to get the deed done, roll over and go to sleep. If men don't care about sex then why should the women get all the blame?
I look at it this way; Sex should be like eating that first peach after a long cold winter. You know the way it smells and the way it drips down your chin after that first bite. Now that is pleasure.

Women want the romance, the excitement of getting to that almighty amazing sheet grabbing orgasm. And men need to want to please their women. But both men and women have to keep the sex high on the priority to do list. Now i'm not saying that you have to have sex every night. That's just not realistic. Real life isn't an erotic romance novel.

Sex should be something you desire. Something you and your spouse yearn for. Something you both want. It should be the way your spouse looks at you.  Or the way he walks up behind you and moves your hair off your neck and kissing it softly while your doing the dishes. That's when my hubby always does it. He says when my hands are full and he just can't help himself. Of course I giggle as the goosebumps grow on my legs.

Sex should be a way to connect after a long hard work week. It should be easy, fun, and exciting.  And when you add new positions and toys to your sex life it can be incredible.  Start with a foot rub after a long day. A warm oil massage after spending the week running around doing everything you can to keep your household running smoothly. When was the last time you spent the day alone with just your spouse. Plan for a weekend like that. It's important to any relationship.

Sex should be a craving, or a tingle that wakes you up and says feed me, scratch me, I want more. And if your sex life isn't doing it for either of you maybe it's because you and your spouse aren't on the same page anymore. Maybe it's because all you seem to do is get on each others last nerves.

If the only thing you talk about are the kids and finances you both need to fix this and now. Because if you don't you will be headed for divorce court. And divorce court leads to online dating. And online dating leads to more stress and even less sex than you getting right now.

Most couples that have been married for any length of time are stubborn. Set in their ways. Neither one wants to give in not even a little. Its a childish game that gets played out everyday in households around the world.

You wouldn't let your kids argue and bicker for days, weeks or even months. So why is it that you and your spouse just can't seem to find a way to communicate with each other.  You used to be able to talk about any and everything. What's changed and don't blame it on the kids. When that bedroom door closes at the end of the night it's all about you and your spouse.

Don't sweat the small stuff is one of my favorite saying.  You can either start laughing about the stupid stuff and money issues.  Or you can keep that tension building until you both blow up and one of you leaves the house with a suitcase.

It's up to Women to make sure that their own sexual desires are taken care of. And if you've lost those sexual desires there are things that you both can do to get them back. Ladies I've told you about this before, Look up Zestra.  I used it after my hysterectomy. This stuff is great. As long as you still love each other your relationship can be fixed.

Sex in any relationship should be on the top of the to do list at all times.  Somewhere along the way you may have forgotten about how it feels to be touched and to touch back. That intimate connection is one of the things that has kept me and my spouse happily married for thirty years.

Cleaning toilets shouldn't be on the list above your Sex life.  And guys, Playing golf or getting those outside shores done is not more important than touching your wife in a way that only you can.  Show her that you love her. Tell her that you love the way she looks after an orgasm.

If for some odd reason you can't get your man to touch you. And you have tried everything to jump start your sex life. Sit down with your him. Make sure there are no distractions and tell him how important it is to you that he start touching you. Ask him whats going on.  Who knows why men do the things they do. But it's worth talking about.

Make sure they see the post I have on Cunnilingus. Sharpening up their skills is always a good thing when it's your pussy cat that involved.

Ladies if you're my age you know that we didn't grow up with computers. Our sex lives weren't open like they are with the next generation of women. But we sure are getting there.  Ordering a sex toy like a magic wand will open up a whole new world for you. Enjoy..Any questions send them to me or send me an an e-mail, 

Tell your man what you want. Tell him that you want to have an amazing open and honest sex life. And that your willing if he is.  You need to keep talking about ways in which to improve your sexual escapades. And don't forget men are visual beings. They like pictures and video's.  Your marriage is worth fighting for. It takes lots of honesty and communication on both parts.

And for goodness sake kiss each other. Kissing can be as romantic as making love. And it gets the juices flowing. Reves up your engines. And keeps you connected.
Sex should be fun, exciting, satisfying and intimate. It should always and I mean always feel good. Adding a new position, or a blindfold, or magic wand to your toy box can bring your sex life back from the brink.

A word of advice; If you don't have an adult toy chest it's time to clean out that nightstand. Or better yet add a box for under the bed. You don't want the kids or worse yet the grand kids running around the neighborhood with your battery operated vibrator.
Happy mothers day to all you mom's out there. I hope you have an extra special Sexy Sunday..

Leave me a comment,  tell me how I'm doing,  or ask me a question. Sometimes bouncing a question off of someone you don't know is just the ticket you need to move forward.  Women friendly adult toy store and more.   This is my go to lube. Just for me and my own sexual pleasure. I love the packaging

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