SEX w/ Annie, Let's Talk about Sex!


Touch me! Sexy Sunday # 11 is Sex w/Annie.

We all need human contact.  It's just nice to be touched. And sure we can touch ourselves and have fun doing it. But is that how we really want to have sex?

I know for me I want to be touched by my husband in ways that no one else can touch me. And touching goes both ways. I touch him and he touches me.

He knows every inch of my body, actually knows it better than I know it myself. I love that about him. And when he walks up behind me, moves my hair off my neck and bites that erogenous zone. Oh yes, I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

We have always been a very sexual touchy feelie kind of couple. It's just a known fact with our friends and family. They all know to call before they stop by and knock before they come walking through the door. Of course there have been a few  surprise drop in's over the years. We just laugh, at this point it's not us who get's embarrassed.

So let me see if I can help you get intimate by touching your spouse. If you are trying to jump start your sex life you need to start with no distractions. If the kids are home this isn't going to happen. Now I'm not saying never. But for the jumping off point you will need to be alone. After that it won't matter whose home.

So it's best to find a night where you have no doubt that the kids are being taken care of and your not going to be interrupted. Call grandma, or have the kids stay at a friends house for the night. Better yet get out of the house and make it an overnight or a weekend getaway at a nice hotel out of town.

Bring all the essentials, vibrators, lube, dildo's, blindfold, did I say Lube.  If your women has felt less than sexy or her libido is out of whack it's time for some Zestra or something like Zestra.  Pick up a packet at your pharmacy.
This is the oil that will wake up her clit.  And this is the weekend you try something new.  How about some massage oils. They come in all different scents. Get the one that turns you on not off.  My personal favorite is always coconut oil.

Since the mood is important bring some tea-lights or Pillar candles. A bottle of wine. Make that two bottles of your favorite wine or the beverage.  What ever you have to do to make you relax this is the time to do it. And don't forget the sexy lingerie.

If you can both plan for this getaway the build up to the date can be very exciting.  Remember this is your chance to get away and re-connect. Start shopping for some new and exciting toys and lingerie as soon as you make the date. Surprise each other.

This can give you both a way to introduce some new kinds of sex and maybe even add some kinky to your relationship. If you want to be the submissive this weekend tell your partner so he can at least have a chance to look up what he's supposed to do as a Dominant. . This sort of thing doesn't happen overnight. But it can be fun and that's all that matters. Believe me when one or both of you start adding some fetish to your sex life or some new toys this is a way to communicate with each other.

And it's a lot of fun to see your partners reaction to what's in the bags. I love it when my hubby surprises me with a new toy. And he's always buying me something new to wear too. The fun for him is seeing me in it. Sure most of it doesn't last long but it's fun while it last.

Try some crotch-less panties. There are bustiers in lace, leather, or silk and for every shape and size. Find out what your partner would like to see you in and either buy it yourself or as I have said before give him/her your measurements and leave it up to them. Remember you are going to be their fantasy. So no matter what it is that they bring put it on and don't bitch about it.

Now with no distractions and I mean no distractions. If you can't clear your head your time alone will be ruined. So clear your head before you get into the car. If you can do this on your night or weekend alone I am sure you can both find ways to connect.

It doesn't all have to be all sex the entire time you're away. Take a walk, hold hands, Talk to each other. Stop and kiss passionately.  Go out to a nice dinner, or role play in a new city. Walk into a strange bar or nightclub and act like you don't know each other.

Talk about this before hand. Make like you're single and have fun with it. And don't get excited if your partner starts getting attention from other men or women. Remember they are going home with you.

It might be fun to watch your partner squirm while getting hit on with you on the other side of the bar. Send them a drink. Make eye contact, Flirt. You do remember how to flirt with the one person who loves you more than anyone right?

But don't leave them hanging for too long. Get up and walk over to them and mark your territory with a slow kiss. Then take her by the hand and get out of there. This is foreplay.
Now lets get to it. Once you're alone Start with a shower together or a bath. Let him wash your body. and you wash his.

You should both be relaxed enough to start the next faze which is the massage.
If you're home make sure you get some rubber sheets. They're really not rubber they're just the kind that won't leave stains on your mattress or bedding. This is one less thing to worry about. Remember stress free is the theme of your time together.

Warm up the massage oil. If you don't have a microwave or you're in a hotel you can put the bottle of oil in some warm water for about ten minutes and it should be perfect.

Now relax. Your partner should have the pillows all set up for you. The lighting is also important. Light the candles. Think romance, think sensual, think orgasm. Let your partner work his/her magic. Getting or giving a massage can be very relaxing. Get to know every crevasse of that man or women once again. Remember that you love each other.

Now getting a massage doesn't have to mean intercourse. But I know if I'm getting or giving a massage I want it to lead to sex. I can't help it. When I'm getting touched like that in places like that, and with a slippery substance. Oh Hell yea I want sex.

So we usually start with me on my stomach. But once I turn over the blind fold goes on. This is where the magic happens. You see with a blindfold you can be free to let those inhibitions go. Nothing else matters in the world except what's going on between you and your partner at that moment.

When you hear the sound of your partners voice that alone can get you excited, wet. There's nothing wrong with a happy ending.

I have to say if this doesn't spark your relationship into a sexual high gear than I don't know what will. Yes a night or weekend away from your hectic busy lives can and will bring you both back to where you need to be. Have fun with it, laugh, this doesn't have to be serious. Remember you know this person and he/she knows you.

After a getaway like this, you will both have that connection and you will be planning that next get away. You'll be more apt to touch your partner on a daily basis. And he/she will touch you more often too.

The magic that can happen with one night or weekend can last a lifetime if you do it right.

I hope you have a Sexy Sunday.. And don't forget the lube!

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