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Where's the Craziest Place You've Ever Had Sex, Sexy Sunday # 9 

Where is the craziest place you've had sex?  I'm not talking about the positions you can get your body into. I'm talking about that night you did it out in that grassy field. You know the place where anyone could have walked by and caught you.

How about doing it in the rain.  Or in your neighbors bathroom.  You usually don't plan it. Sex just happens. Say you're out with friends and you can't stop looking at your spouse, who by the way looks so hot tonight that you just want to grab them, and rip their clothes off and do them right then and there.

You know what I'm talking about. Those nights like when you were first dating. When you couldn't keep your hands off of each other. Someone at the party brings up Sex and you look at each other. She starts to blush and you can't help but get a hard on. You want to get her out of there right now. And so you grab her by the hand and you wind up in the dark garage.

You know that at any moment you could be caught with your pants down so to speak. No really you could be caught with your pants around your ankles and she with her clothes hanging from the bicycle that's hanging in that dark garage. It's all you can do to get your cock into her very wet pussy before someone catches you both in the act.

Remember how you kissed each other that night. The passion that you both felt. Well that doesn't have to end just because you've been together for the last eight, ten, or twenty years. In fact now that you have been together this long you can actually plan these things out. Well sort of.

So you're on your way to the neighbors Bar-Be Que. And you look at each other. You say "Lets just let it happen." And when it happens you will know. It's his job this time to scope out the place and find the perfect place to fool around. And it doesn't have to be perfect either.

I can't even count the times I have been in a strange house for the first time and my Sir has given me that look. That's when I know he has found that perfect location. As the party goes on he takes me by the hand and I know not to say a word. It's exciting.

And you don't need a neighbors party to find a new and exciting place to have some fun with your spouse. One summer night there was a downpour. You know the kind of summer rain where you can hear the rain drops hitting everything it touches. I didn't hesitate.

I had on a long summer dress and I looked at my Sir and smiled.  And he knew I was up to something kinky. I lifted my dress took off my panties and threw them at him. Then I grabbed the car keys and said lets go.. He quickly followed.
This time it was me who initiated the sex. On the way down the walkway I unlocked the car door and quickly jumped into the back seat. He was right behind me.

We were both sopping wet at this point and laughing. I remember how he whispered "Nice move."  We had no idea why we were whispering but the next thing I knew he lifted my dress up and off over my head.  So here I was sitting in the back seat of our car naked. And as he unzipped his jeans I remember seeing headlights in the rear view mirror.

We both laughed as he laid on top of me.  And wouldn't you know a police car drove by. We laughed some more and then quickly got down to business. It was an exciting night and one that I don't think I will ever forget.

What I am saying is that it's never to late to open up your mind and seek out new and exciting ways to add the sparks back into your relationship.

Talk about this. Touch each other. Steel a passionate kiss. And I'm not talking about a peck on the lips. I'm talking about a full on passionate kiss where your eyes are shut and your tongues are dancing. Just remember that you love each other.

If you want to keep your sex life moving forward and not get stuck in a rut you're both going have to work on it. And don't use the kids as an excuse either. Drop them off at Grandma's or their favorite aunts for the afternoon, night or weekend. If you really want to make your relationship better you won't make excuses. You will just get it done.

Ever see those newly divorced men or women. They seem to have so much time now that their not married anymore. And they talk more about the sex they are having then they ever did before.  They also look great.

So make sure your hair is dyed one color. And your not wearing sweat pants every minute of everyday. A little make up goes a long way. You don't want to be the one looking on those dating sites or corralling in the bars. That is unless you're roll playing with your own spouse. Now that's fun.

This could be the week you start planning for that special weekend.  You start with texting or leaving messages on your spouses phone. Say something sexy like, "Wait till you see the kinky outfit I just picked out for this weekend." Purr into the phone. Say bow chica wow wow.. Act like you're dating. Send him/her a picture of your sexy pumps on Tuesday and the thigh highs on Thursday.

Did you know thigh highs drive men wild.  Now it's Friday morning and he/she will be home in about six hours. send your spouse a picture of the toys you have laid out. Make this weekend about hot sex and getting to know each other again.

When he/she gets home don't have dinner go straight for the dessert which is you. If you eat first you will feel bloated. Eat after you've had a chance to work up an appetite.

How about a shower, and a relaxing message. Laugh or if it's kinky tonight let him be the Master Dom. It's Ok to giggle when he/she tries to be so Dominant. But you had better be prepared for the spanking you just might get, Ouch! haha..

If all goes well Friday night, you will be walking around the house Saturday morning in nothing but your robe.

Surprise him/her and take your robe off in the kitchen and hop up on the counter. I am sure your man or woman can figure out whats for lunch.

 I hope you have a Sexy Sunday..And don't forget the lube!

I want to know, Where's the craziest place you've had sex?, Sex w/Annie, Lets Talk About Sex

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