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Fantasy land, Sexy Sunday # 16

I wondered what to write for this weeks Sexy Sunday post. And as I strolled through the pages of Cosmo, Hanky Panky, and Doctor Laura Berman I found there was a theme being written.
Fantasies are whats for Sexy Sunday. It seems everyone is talking about fantasies. What kind of fantasies you ask? Well that's up to the couple. But you can bet your sweet bippy that someone somewhere is fantasizing about their own sweet sexy fetish of choice and there are even more that stopped fantasizing that are now acting on those fantasies.

So I decided to head on over to my favorite little kinky corner of the world, to see what all the fuss was about.  Leave it to Fetlife to have a list of fetish's from A to Z. My eyes popped out of my head as I read down the list.

Then I started to smile thinking about all those kinky people out there. People that we all mingle with on a daily basis. I mean I'm no saint and my kink is probably minor compared to most. But then it is kink and when you think of those couples that aren't doing anything out of the ordinary Vanilla that's when I think, Hey my kink is just as important as the next couples.  And Maybe that's because my Dominant Sir knows I'm always ready willing and able to keep our ever changing sex life fresh and exciting.

You see Kink is prevalent all around us in every country state and city. I bet that even the tiniest places in some corner of the world have at least one kinkster in the midst.

Take a looksie for yourself at the list of fetishes and groups on  You just might find something that sparks your own fantasy. If you can think of it there's a fetish for you.  From A to Z, something for everyone.

I think It's great that couples everywhere are having so much fun exploring their sexual fantasies. And as long as it's always Safe, Sane and Consensual then as Marie Antoinette would say, Let them eat cake. I'm sure there's a fantasy about eating cake or sweets too. Sounds Yummy.

The top ten fantasies for women and men;
1)The school girl.  What woman doesn't want to play dress up in one of those outfits. And what man doesn't want to see her in that checkered skirt bent over his knee while he plays with her love button and spanks her ass.

2&3)Being a stripper or prostitute. Are we talking Pretty women, and being a stripper.  Does that mean they like performing in front of people/men?

4) Crossing over into the lady pond. Ladies I'm sure your men would love to hear about this one. And if they get to watch you will fulfill one of their own fantasies.

5) Group sex, swinging; Be careful with this one. Make some rules and stick to them or both of you will have some explaining to do. And always remember that your spouse is in that room with you.

6) Being submissive; Well of course this is the one that I love too. Once you let your inhibitions go The sex only gets better. In fact it's amazing.

7) Role reversal; I guess sometimes the ladies just want to take control in the bedroom. Nothing wrong with that.

8)A three some; The more the merrier, and the more attention.

9) Exhibitionism/ voyeurism; I think as a woman we have all been here after a few shots of Patron, What's wrong with showing off the goods once in awhile. Men are  visual beings. They always want to watch so this is a great one for couples.

10). The stranger in the house fantasy: Now this one also needs a safe word or a way to stop it. Or it could go horribly wrong. Communication is the key to all of these fantasies but especially this one.

Have you ever thought about someone watching you have sex, Or you watching them? Voyeurism is something that tickles a lot of peoples fancies. It doesn't matter which side your on it's still hot.

Think about this tiny stage with a four poster bed center stage. It's draped in white satin sheets. The main lights in the room are all pointed at the bed. The other dim lights on on the floor with a path to the exits.  What kind of kinky stuff is going on in the dark seats. When you have thirty people sitting on couches and chairs watching people have sex anything is bound to happen.

Delicious sounds of sex permeate the entire theater as the manage'a trois reaches it's peak and the threesome start to climax simultaneously.  You can tell that they've done this more than a few times before as their rhythm of their breathing suddenly reaches their peak and everyone stands as they hear Ohmygod Yes, Please Don't stop. Yes Fuck me harder, Please! Fuck me harder." As the two men give the woman what she wants they too reach their peak and grunts can be heard throughout the theater.  

And as the woman starts to giggle with delight everyone stands as they applaud the sexual permanence. The show ends and the curtain closes.

A fantasy can be anything that gives you pleasure. And It doesn't even have include touch. Most fantasies are in your head anyway. And most are never revealed.

Doctor Laura Berman, PhD says acknowledging and satisfying our sexual needs boost endorphin levels. Which than lowers stress and heightens feeling of contentment, relaxation and happiness. I will say Doc Berman has had her own sexual fantasy or two. How else would she know something like that.

Remember don't forget the Lube. I hope you have a very Sexy Sunday.

My week was a stressful one. I was helping family with some very important medical issues. And so I had to put this together fast. I hope it's Ok.
Do you have a fantasy that you'd like to share, a story that might help other women lose their inhibitions. I would love to hear from you.

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