SEX w/ Annie, Let's Talk about Sex!


Excerpt from Second Chances Sammy's story

She walked out and met him on the patio; and noticed the Jacuzzi was running.  She gave him a smile, “What do you think?” “I’m game if you are,” he smiled “Let’s take that walk on the beach first.” He held his hand out and she took it.


October at the Jersey shore

As I listen to the waves crash down on the sand I feel at peace. Nothing can calm me like that sound of being at the beach. The sun keeps peeking its head through the clouds and it's actually a beautiful October day.


Lesson learned

Being a new indie author is not easy. We write the books then edit and edit again. We make our own covers and if and when we think we are ready we publish our manuscript.

We don't have the help of a New York publishing company.

Once published we do our own promotions in a sea where there are millions of books. And with thousands of erotic romance novels being published every day we have to find a way to make our book stand out. I am telling you its not easy.