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October at the Jersey shore

As I listen to the waves crash down on the sand I feel at peace. Nothing can calm me like that sound of being at the beach. The sun keeps peeking its head through the clouds and it's actually a beautiful October day.

I needed this week to clear my head. What can I say I love the Jersey shore. I love being at any beach period.
But being a Jersey girl it just feels right to be here after the year I have had. There are still signs of the Sandy disaster that hit this beautiful place. But then I see the sunrise, and the sunset and I think "Jersey strong."

I have to keep moving forward. Keep working so that I can feel that I have done the best I possibly can. And then I read a passage from my book and I smile.

For now I am going to enjoy the sound of the Jersey shore. I hear the seagulls calling for some crumbs, and the ocean is calling me too.

As I walk the beach today I will know that life is good and that I am going to be Ok.
There is a plan for me.  No matter where I end up I will never be far from the ocean. It gives me so much and I couldn't imagine my life without it..

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