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Lesson learned

Being a new indie author is not easy. We write the books then edit and edit again. We make our own covers and if and when we think we are ready we publish our manuscript.

We don't have the help of a New York publishing company.

Once published we do our own promotions in a sea where there are millions of books. And with thousands of erotic romance novels being published every day we have to find a way to make our book stand out. I am telling you its not easy.

I published my book Second chances Sammy's story on Aug.2, 2013.  I should have waited.
Yes I am human for wanting the world to see what I worked so hard on. But now I'm beating myself up for jumping the gun.

The truth is I just didn't have the extra fifteen hundred dollars that it takes to get a book with 190,000 words edited. Editors charge by the word. So instead I just went for it. I know, I know, and believe me when I say that I've learned a very valuable lesson.

Even though I went over my book many times I missed things that I shouldn't have. I am not saying the book is not readable because it is readable. But it could have been so much better if I would have waited and got a reputable editor .

Well I have an editor now. And together we are going over my book chapter by chapter. The important thing is that my published book is getting revised. Will it be perfect? No, I couldn't afford the editor I wanted so I had to choose one that I could afford.

But Its exciting to see the story get made better by moving some commas, changing words, correcting spelling and even taking paragraphs out.

This is my baby and I know the story is a good one.

I want to say to the readers that I so appreciate the feedback I have received.  And I also want to apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused the readers.

I am doing what I can to fix the problems. Once it's done those of you who have purchased the book will be able to re-upload the revised edition.

All I can do is fix it and move forward. And I will make sure that this never happens again. Believe me I wish I would have found this editor sooner and avoided this all together but I didn't.

Lesson learned.
The readers who will purchase Second Chances Sammy's story at the end of October 2013 will get the revised edition and be able to enjoy the read from the get go.

I want to say thank you to all who have been so supportive. I so appreciate all of you who read Sammy's story despite the errors. I know it was readable but you shouldn't of had to read it that way.

I will be forever grateful to the readers who have stuck by me. I can't tell you how much your messages and emails have meant to me. There was a time that I wanted to pull my book off the shelf and it was your e-mails that made sure that didn't happen.
I promise you all that my second book will not be published until I can afford the better editor. Thanks again.  Annie

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