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Excerpt from Second Chances Sammy's story

She walked out and met him on the patio; and noticed the Jacuzzi was running.  She gave him a smile, “What do you think?” “I’m game if you are,” he smiled “Let’s take that walk on the beach first.” He held his hand out and she took it.
They walked in the powdery sand that was now cold as their feet touched it and felt great, “Jake, I am really glad that you called.” “I am really glad I called too, I wanted to thank you for taking care of Rocky at the beach today.”  She smiled “I love dogs, he is beautiful Jake, oh and I have Rocky’s tennis ball.”  He smiled “I have a feeling that there will be plenty of time for you to give Rocky his ball back.  Hold onto it he has plenty of them.  I will bring him by one afternoon if that’s alright with you Samantha.”  “I would love that Jake.”  

As they watched the moon over the water Jake felt what he had hoped for was standing right next to him.  “I have had a really great time tonight, and I really would love to see you again Samantha.”  “I would like that too Jake.”  He faced her and took her head in his huge hands, he rubbed his thumb over her bottom lip and he kissed her like she had never been kissed before.  It was a slow sweet wet kiss, one that she was not going to forget any time soon.  He had waited a very long time for that kiss. 

They walked and talked for a while, and as they walked back to the house he asked her if she was alright with him taking the initiative to turn on the Jacuzzi.  She smiled, “I am starting a new life Jake and I am trying to make-up for lost time.  I don’t like games I like honesty.  I want to experience everything.  I am willing to try anything at least once. It’s like I have been away from my life for a long time and now I just want to live it and feel it.  I hope I am making sense.” “You are making perfect sense.”  “It’s just that I want to,” he didn’t let her finish; he just took her head in his hands and kissed her mouth again.  This time he gave her more tongue.  As he let go he looked into her eyes, “I understand, Samantha, I hope I can be the one to show you what you have been missing.” 

She smiled, “Um one thing Jake, I am not into anything that hurts too much.”  She put her head down and giggled, “I didn’t mind you turning the Jacuzzi on; in fact I am glad you took the initiative, thank you Jake.”  “You’re welcome Samantha; I think that the key is honesty in any friendship as well as any relationship.  Without honesty there is no foundation, as for trying new things I think I can handle that one too.  So do you want to see where this goes?” He flashed her that beautiful smile of his, she noticed that he had a dimple on one side of his very handsome chiseled face.  “Yes Jake, let’s see where this goes and she giggled. 

She asked him if he wanted one of Garrett’s swims suits, “I swim commando style Samantha,” they both laughed, “Ok, and so it’s like that is it?”  

She put her arms behind her back and intertwined them with her hands like a submissive would, she was blushing again and his cock was getting hard.  She was already so submissive, just the way she blushed at new things, he could get used to this woman quickly. 

“I think since you are trying new things that you might want to take your clothes off right here, right now.  She felt her face blush and could feel a twinge between her legs; she put her head down and to the side as she giggled, “Is that an order Jake?”  “If you’re up for that kind of game Samantha, than it is an order.” As he watched her he couldn’t believe she was finally here. 

She smiled as she took her halter top off.  She had her head down.  Jake never took his eyes off of her.  She undid her bra and held it on her breast for a second and then dropped it on the lounge chair and her perfectly round breasts were front and center.  Her nipples were already standing at attention. 

“Look at me and don’t take your eyes off of mine, do you understand Samantha?”  “Yes I understand,” she looked into his eyes and she couldn’t get the smile off of her face.  She felt like this was the first time she ever let a man see her naked.  As she thought about it, it actually was a first in a very long time as Jake was actually only the second man she had ever taken her clothes off for. 

Then she unzipped her jeans and she wiggled them off her small hips down to the ground, “Go on Samantha.”  She slipped her white thong right down to her ankles and bent forward picked them up and threw them at him.  He caught them and put them up to his face and breathed in. All the while his eyes were locked on hers, “These panties are very wet Samantha and your scent is amazing.”  She stood there for a few minutes as he walked closer to her never taking his eyes off of hers.  “Samantha you are a beautiful woman.”  She felt herself blush; it was hard for her to take a compliment.  He bent down and she lifted her head to kiss his lips so he couldn’t speak again. 

“And I love the way you shave your bottom.  There is nothing better than a nice clean shaved pussy.”  She giggled and felt the flush on her face, she went to put her hand in front of her pussy, “Don’t cover that perfect pussy up Samantha,” and he kissed her again as he held onto her tiny waist. 

Jake thought to himself, she had been through hell and back from what he was told and yet here she was standing before him naked doing just what he asked.  Being submissive without knowing, she had no idea just how perfect and beautiful she was or that he had plans for her.  He had waited and was so happy she was finally here in Siesta Key.  Garrett and Kelly had practically groomed him for this moment and he didn’t want to blow it, not after waiting for so long. 

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