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It's time for Sexy Sunday
Sex w/Annie, Sexy Sunday is every Sunday. This was the first posted on 2/9/14

Sunday Sex is when the pot of Italian gravy is cooking on the stove. You're sitting at your computer writing your second sexy novel and your husband has just finished checking out your new post on your pinterest Fantasies page.

Its Hot, Passionate get down and dirty Sex. There are no rules except make me cum. So what are you waiting for, get up go over to him/her, look into his/her eyes and say take me.

If you need some kind of preparation get to it. Jump in the shower. Tell him/her they need to be ready in thirty minutes. This is all you have to say; Meet me in the Bedroom in thirty five minutes. No questions needed. We all know what meet me in the bedroom means.

Get out those toys, Or that one toy that does it for you and go for it. If the kids are in the house sneak away. They can do without you for twenty minutes or so. Give them their x-box, they won't care where you are. If there are no kids to worry about then make this epic.

Put on some perfume/cologne and ravish each other. Pop in a porno. Yes I said it, porn is like foreplay now a days. If neither of you has no porn then grab the laptop.

Ask him to find something naughty and sit there and watch it with your clothes off. It shouldn't take long for you to start to feel what's going to happen.

There comes a time in every or almost every marriage or relationship when you get into a rut or slump. Well today is the day you get out of it. Yes today is the day when you start having sex again on a regular basis.

Take it as a sign that you stumbled on my blog. Because I'm here to tell you that the slump is over. Its now or never.

When was the last time you and your honey just did it. No talking, or if that's what your into go ahead. Giggling is always good. My husband always says if I don't stop giggling he's going to blindfold me. OK by me, haha.. Like I said there are no rules except the deed must be done today.

Now as soon as you are done reading this. Slip your honey a note, write them a text or e-mail. What ever it is you have to do just do it. I wish you a very happy Sexy Sunday...And don't forget the lube!.

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