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Quest for The Cures Continues | Cancer documentary

Quest for The Cures Continues | Cancer documentary

Click on the quest for The Cures documentary and watch what made me to write this post.

This past February my Mom left for Florida to spend time with her friends. She had the time of her life. Before she left she went to her liver doctors and they gave her a clean bill of health. She had made it to fifteen years with her new liver. Yes she had a liver transplant fifteen years ago. They told her to go and live her life. Then she got Cancer.

So I came across this documentary while searching for any kind treatment for lung cancer. My Mother has stage 4 lung Cancer.

Sage IV means it's in two or more places. Mom's Cancer is in her lung and spine.

She's been doing what the doctors and oncologist tell her to do.

All I know is my mother was fine before the doctors started their treatments.

If only she hadn't fallen that day back in June of this year and cracked her ribs. She would have went about her happy life and would be living it right now. She wouldn't have even known that she had Cancer. But she did fall.

And so because of the Cancer she missed the birth of her her twin great granddaughters in Colorado. Her grandson wanted her to be there for a month after the twins were born. And she was so looking forward to it. She even stopped going to church in fear she would get sick. With a compromised immune system from the Chemo and radiation you just never know.

Sure she does her best to drive to the store to pick up a few things from the store. When she gets home she's so exhausted she leaves the packages in the car for my Brother in law to bring in when he gets home. She isn't enjoying her life. She says no one should ever be this tired.

And what makes me mad is that the Doc's don't have answers for me or my sister's and brother. We want to know how much time she has left? If the treatments are working?  What we can do to help boost her immune system? These doctors just don't have any answers for us. We just here that "Every patient is different." I could scream when I hear those words come out of their mouths. How many of the Cancer patients do they tell that too each day?

There's a line at the hospital for the Cancer patients. Each waiting room is packed. It's a business. A business that makes lots and lots of money off of Cancer. I just want to know where all the research money is going? Why aren't they boosting the patients immune systems instead of giving them chemo and radiation which is poison? They are killing these patients.

I sure didn't expect to write this post today. But after watching this documentary I'm sickened. My mom is only seventy. We lost my dad four years ago. And she just started living her life. For the first time in her life she wasn't taking care of her kids, Grandchildren or her husband. She only had to worry about herself. And then she fell..
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