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Wordpress? who knew.

So it turns out I have a blog on WordPress after all. After all that work my husband Mike did we actually have WordPress blog . . I figured I would write about all the crazy thoughts that pop into my brain here at Blog Spot and use the WordPress for the sexy stuff. Yes any excuse to talk about not just kinky sex but sex.

My husband worked his butt off and at one point I thought he was on the verge of a heart attack while trying to give me a WordPress blog. So its kind of crazy that low and behold I stumbled onto my actual blog page while following a recipe for cannoli cupcakes. By the way you can find that recipe at my blog, under following, they look yummy.

I'm amazed that once we stopped paying for a WordPress blog that I actually got one. The funny thing is when I mentioned that I have a WordPress blog to Mike he said he wanted no part of it. Didn't even want to hear the word WordPress and refused to even look at it, lol.

He spent weeks trying to give me that blog and I saw the stress he was putting on himself and put an end to it.  Now I have to find a way to intermingle the two blogs. I guess I could post the URL on this page somewhere.

As if I needed to find something else to keep my busy on a daily basis . What I actually need is an assistant and when I finally hit that mega millions I am going to hire one pronto. Anyway I thought I would mention my new blog just in case anyone would like to check it out. 


  1. Anonymous12/08/2013

    Annie I have so many blogs and websites I get confused myself sometimes LOL But seriously you just link them all up in your internet chain so that on each one somewhere you have the link to the others - just a page with the title of the other blog and a url address in there with a paragraph about it - that's what I do. Good luck with it all and I'm heading over there now x

  2. Laura, I hear you, Its crazy and sometimes I forget I have one and I get an e-mail and there it is, haha.. Thanks for checking out my blog.. I appreciate it..


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