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Ugg, another Jersey winter..

As I watch the leaves change I can feel that everything is dyeing outside. Winter is just around the corner and I think; "Will this be a storm filled winter or a mild one." Either way I know it will be cold.

And as I put my sandals away till summer comes again I see the dreaded Uggs that are in the back of my closet. The fur lining is the only thing that will keep my feet warm, Ugg is a perfect name for these boots,  winter is on its way, ugg.

My body is already aching as those of us who live with chronic pain will have to endure another long dark cold winter as we pray for spring to come again.

I yearn for retirement so I can get out of Jersey and bask in the warmth of the Sarasota sun. To be able to walk on the beaches with names that end in Key; Siesta, Lido and Longboat.
I can already feel the powdery sand that will be beneath my feet and my body will once again relax as winter will never come again once I am there.

But for today I need to keep busy as I know that Jersey is where I will be this winter. And I will never stop dreaming for the day I arrive in Florida and my body says thank you and my mind says your home.

Yes I will dream today and everyday until I get to that sunshine state as that has to be the goal that gets me through another long cold winter on the east coast.

Being a Jersey girl has taught me to be strong, to stand up for myself and to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.  But this Jersey girl will gladly trade the seasons and the lessons learned for one long summer.

And when I get to that paradise by the sea each night I will watch the sunset's on Siesta key while in my shorts and think I never have to see the leaves change from green to gold, to bright tangerine. Instead I can watch as the flowers bloom all year and the birds chirp and mimic.
I will keep these days and night dreams close as I once again go through yet another Jersey winter ...

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