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Why is it So Hard to Get People to Write Reviews?

Do you write reviews?
Before I published my first and only book I must have read every article and every excerpt that came out about indie writing and publishing.
But the one thing they don't tell you is how to get the readers to write a simple honest review.

I have to say that besides doing promotional stuff, getting readers to post a review has been the hardest part of writing.


Afternoon Delight Sexy Sunday #17

 Sex w/Annie


Original by Starland vocal, circa 1976, yea we are all getting old, haha..Enjoy!

Four o'clock has always been the time of day that we hubby and me, seem to want it most. And lately my hubby has been sending me tweets at about three in the afternoon. Here's a few;  "Get ready baby I'm coming home, or #Beready, home in 15 min, afternoon delight."