SEX w/ Annie, Let's Talk about Sex!


Are you having SEX yet?

I have two blogs. And getting them to co-mingle just seems impossible. So I am going to write this post and hope that some of you might be able to follow me and read my Sexy Sunday post each week.

There has to be a way to get what I post at one blog to post at another. This way I won't have to write a post to let the readers know that there is an amazing dance going on between me and my followers on WordPress.

You see I am trying to get more couples to have way more sex than they have been. Yes you read that right. And if I can do this there will be happier people coming into work on Monday mornings.


Happy Valentines Day Daddy..

Today being Valentines day I miss my Dad. You see this was not just an ordinary day to a man who had a wife and son and three daughters.  Valentines day meant something special to my Dad. It was a day that he could give each of his girls a token of his love. For my Mom she got a card and one long stem Red rose. And his girls all received a card and some candy to show us just how much he loved us.