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Happy Valentines Day Daddy..

Today being Valentines day I miss my Dad. You see this was not just an ordinary day to a man who had a wife and son and three daughters.  Valentines day meant something special to my Dad. It was a day that he could give each of his girls a token of his love. For my Mom she got a card and one long stem Red rose. And his girls all received a card and some candy to show us just how much he loved us.

And since he is no longer with us I miss seeing him come to the door with his package of Candy kisses, or the small heart shaped box, Or in the last five years before his passing he got us the good stuff, Ghirardelli chocolates.

You see my Dad was a man who showed each of his girls how to be treated by your spouse, And his only son how to treat your spouse. He and my mom had a 35yr love affair that we watched everyday we were with them.

He wasn't a man of many words most of the year. No he let my mom speak for the both of them most of the time. But there was one exception. And that was on Valentines day. Even as a little girl I felt special on Valentines day because there was never a year I didn't have a Valentine.

And even after I was married that man would show up with my card and candy to show me just how much he loved me. He did the same to my sisters. And expected my brother to do the same for his wife and daughters.

The last few years of his life my Mom and Dad moved a hour and half away to Pennsylvania and I remember thinking that first year as Valentines day approached that I guess our love affair was over. Than low and behold I received a package that year on February 13th from my Dad.

I remember the tears that rolled down my face that day and looking at my husband Mike and saying, "He didn't forget." No my dad had mailed me and my sister and my sister-in-law that year and every year after our card and chocolate. My baby sister was in Pa. So she got her hand delivered.

It may not seem much to most but to me and my sisters it meant the world to get a Valentine from the one man who never let us down. Who was always there even when he wasn't. And who now even though he cannot send us a Valentine from heaven. He Is still and will forever be in my heart every day but especially on Valentines day.

One thing I know my Dad is very proud of is that the men in my family, My brother, my husband and my two brother-in-laws now make sure they call my mom and send her a small token just to say they love her each year on this very special day filled with love. Not because they have to but because they know its what my Dad, TJ would have wanted them to do. Its a way of showing my Mom that in some small way that they love her and respected the man that showed up every year on the day before Valentines day with a token of his love..

So now I close this post as the tears roll down my face and having already gone through half a box of tissues and I look up to the sky and say, Thank you for this memory, I love you Daddy and you are forever in my heart and will always be my Valentine.

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