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It's time for Sexy Sunday
Sex w/Annie, Sexy Sunday is every Sunday. This was the first posted on 2/9/14

Sunday Sex is when the pot of Italian gravy is cooking on the stove. You're sitting at your computer writing your second sexy novel and your husband has just finished checking out your new post on your pinterest Fantasies page.

Its Hot, Passionate get down and dirty Sex. There are no rules except make me cum. So what are you waiting for, get up go over to him/her, look into his/her eyes and say take me.

If you need some kind of preparation get to it. Jump in the shower. Tell him/her they need to be ready in thirty minutes. This is all you have to say; Meet me in the Bedroom in thirty five minutes. No questions needed. We all know what meet me in the bedroom means.


Quest for The Cures Continues | Cancer documentary

Quest for The Cures Continues | Cancer documentary

Click on the quest for The Cures documentary and watch what made me to write this post.

This past February my Mom left for Florida to spend time with her friends. She had the time of her life. Before she left she went to her liver doctors and they gave her a clean bill of health. She had made it to fifteen years with her new liver. Yes she had a liver transplant fifteen years ago. They told her to go and live her life. Then she got Cancer.

Dirk and Kam's Place: Feel Like Makin' Love ........

Dirk and Kam's Place: Feel Like Makin' Love ........: Source: thebesteroticphotos.tumblr Source: thebesteroticphotos.tumblr Source: ilovefullfigures.tumblr Source: ilovefullfigures...


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Where it began: Stephen My Brother

This story touched my heart. And I hope you will read so that it touches your heart too..

Where it began: Stephen My Brother: Some people are blessed with perfect families. I was just blessed. I want to tell you a little about my brother. He was born just over ...